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Essential Fatty Acid Ratio

Dietary intake of the omega 3 fatty acid alpha linolenic acid (ALA, C18:3 (n-3)) has been shown to be inversely associated with blood pressure in humans. For example, in one study1, the association between ALA and blood pressure was investigated … Continue reading

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Vitamin C Intake

Vitamin C is a popular dietary supplement and often taken in doses above the recommended 60  mg per day. Vitamin C intake is controversial because evidence in the nutritional literature supports an argument for higher doses, particularly in athletes and … Continue reading

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Alcohol causes weight loss?

The contention that alcohol causes weight loss is controversial. For while there is an association between alcohol intake and body weight, it is problematic trying to ascribe cause and effect in this relationship. In addition confounding variables interfere with the … Continue reading

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More Cholesterol Myths

The cholesterol theory of cardiovascular disease states that dietary cholesterol raises plasma levels of certain lipoproteins, and that this in turn is the cause of the atherosclerosis that subsequently increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. However, the basis of the … Continue reading

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Aspartame Alters Brain Chemistry?

Aspartame, also called L-aspartate-L-phenylalanine methyl ester, is an artificial sweetener used extensively in the food industry to replace sugar. The growth in demand for diet drinks initially fuelled increased consumption of aspartame amongst humans. However, more recently it has become … Continue reading

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Organic Agriculture

Organic agriculture and its produce is becoming increasingly popular amongst the general public. Much of this popularity stems from concerns over the health effects of the pesticides used in conventional agriculture. Growers of conventional crops are permitted to utilise a … Continue reading

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Bulimia Opioids Link: Endorphin Levels

Bulimia is an eating disorder characterised by repeated episodes of compulsive and secretive eating of energy dense foods. These periods of gluttony are then followed by energy purges whereby vomiting, laxative abuse and fasting are undertaken. This period of purging … Continue reading

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Synthetic Vitamins

Reference to synthetic vitamins is in fact a misnomer, because all vitamins are synthesised and therefore synthetic. To clarify terminologies, it should be stated that plants generally synthesise vitamins using enzymes in metabolic pathways, whereas man synthesises vitamins using chemical … Continue reading

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Vitamin C Prevents Colds

Vitamin C, also called ascorbic acid, is best known for its role as a water soluble antioxidant in humans. However, the vitamin also has other biochemical roles including the synthesis of collagen and carnitine, as well as the metabolism of … Continue reading

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Fatty Liver: Choline Deficiency?

Fatty liver is characterised by an accumulation of lipids in hepatic tissue. This can result from alcohol or fructose abuse, leading to alcoholic fatty liver or non-alcoholic fatty liver, respectively. The aetiology of fatty liver is not completely understood, but … Continue reading

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