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Polyphenols as Neuroprotective Agents

Neurodegeneration is can cause damage to the function of the brain. Neurodegeneration is usually associated with diseases such as Alzherimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. However, neurodegeneration can also occur as a result of chronic stress, and in such cases it is … Continue reading

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Vitamin C Suppresses Cortisol

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L-Carnitine Absorption

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The Iron Content of Eggs

Iron is an essential nutrient that is required for a number of important reasons including brain function and oxygen transport. Many people are iron deficient and it is the most common nutritional deficiency in the world. Iron is found in … Continue reading

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How Damaging Is Stress?

One of the keys to a healthy life is the avoidance of unnecessary stress. Stress is defined as any condition, either perceived or real, that disrupts the body’s homeostatic mechanism. When stress is experienced, the stress hormone cortisol is released. … Continue reading

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Should You Alter Your Protein Intake Daily?

Protein intake is a controversial subject because there are many opinions on how much protein is required daily. It is known that physical activity can significantly increase the requirement for protein and so athletes and those involved in hard physical … Continue reading

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Too Little Of A Good Thing?

Most people are aware that the body requires vitamins and minerals in order to be able to function. Many people take a multivitamin and mineral supplement for this reason. However, there are other essential nutrients that are not vitamins or … Continue reading

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Dehydration and Mood

Dehydration is known to cause detrimental performance in humans and animals. In particular, mild dehydration can lead to significant declines in mental and physical ability. As dehydration increases, both physical and mental faculties gradually deteriorate until death. Dehydration does not … Continue reading

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Vitamin C and Vitamin E

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Acetyl-L-Carnitine and Lipid Metabolism

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