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Is Alcohol Fattening?

The ethanol in drinks comes from the fermentation of vegetable sugars and has been present in the human diet for as long as records go back. Consuming alcohol is therefore a natural part of the human diet and energy can … Continue reading

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Vitamin D: Supplements, Food or The Sun?

Vitamin D is an important hormone that is metabolised to a number of important metabolites that have a wide range of cellular effects. Obtaining enough vitamin D is important because low levels of vitamin D may damage the immune system, … Continue reading

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Cod Liver Oil As A Food Supplement

Cod liver oil is the oil from the livers of the cold water fish species referred to colloquially as cod. Cod liver oils is a totally unique food that is often taken as a supplement for various reasons. Many studies … Continue reading

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Post-Workout Meal Timing

Following training there are significant metabolic shifts. In particular, protein synthesis increases and fat oxidation is upregulated. This means that there is a requirement for protein to allow the regeneration of skeletal muscle and this requirement remains high for a … Continue reading

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Boiling Versus Roasting Vegetables

Vegetables are an important source of nutrients and regular consumption of vegetables has been shown to be beneficial to the health. Most vegetables require some form of cooking, as although many vegetables can be eaten raw, their taste and texture … Continue reading

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Learning to Read Food Labels

The packaging on food usually contains a label which can give some clues as to the health properties of the food. Learning to read these labels, and being able to interpret the information is an important part of remaining healthy. … Continue reading

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Cuscuta reflexa (Aftimoon): Anti-Anxiety Herb?

Cuscuta reflexa (Aftimoon) is a plant belonging to the Cuscutaceae family of plants. This family of plants contains the genus of plants belonging to the morning glory group of parasitic plants (Cuscuta). Colloquially the plant is known as Aftimoon in … Continue reading

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Magnesium Food or Supplements?

Magnesium is an essential mineral needed by humans in gram amounts. In this regard magnesium intake needs to be balanced with calcium and chloride intake in order to maintain correct mineral balance between extracellular and intracellular space. One of the … Continue reading

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