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Antioxidants in Mango Peel

Mango fruits are categorised into different colors based on the peels they possess. In this regard mangos can be red, green, yellow, or a combination of these colours. The colours in the peels of mango, like most fruits and vegetables, … Continue reading

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Dehydration as a Commonly Overlooked Chronic Condition

Water is a highly important nutrient, and after oxygen, could be considered one of the most fundamental ingredients for life. There is a lot of controversy regarding how much water to drink, and recommendations are made to the public from … Continue reading

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A Misunderstood Problem of the Western Diet

Calcium is an essential macromineral that is required for correct metabolic function. One of the main functions of calcium is as a structural component of bone. However calcium ions are also required for cellular signalling and correct neurotransmission and it … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Jam

Jam is an interesting food from a biological perspective because it is highly resistant to microbial contamination. This relates to the way the sugars within the jam prevent bacterial growth due to the osmotic potential they create across the cell … Continue reading

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The Food Pyramid

The food pyramid is a description of the type and quantities of foods that are recommended for good health. At the base of the pyramid are the starchy carbohydrate foods such as bread and potatoes, on top of this is … Continue reading

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Are High Energy Diets Damaging to Health?

The Western diet is considered a high energy diet, largely on account of the fact that it contains high amounts of sugar and fat. While fat is high in energy, sugar is much lower in energy, containing just under half … Continue reading

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Red Meat: Yes or No?

When considering red meat as part of the diet there are a number of considerations. The first is as to whether it is affordable. Much of the world lives close to the poverty line and red meat is a luxury … Continue reading

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Coffee: The Forgotten Health Drink?

Coffee is wrongly associated with negative health effects. This may relate to the fact that coffee is often associated with behaviours that may have negative health effects, such as a desire to sleep less, a hectic lifestyle, the requirement for … Continue reading

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Tea: How Much is Too Much?

Tea is a healthy drink that may confer significant health benefits to consumers. In particular, tea has been evidenced to protect from cardiovascular disease, cancer and neurodegenerative diseases such Parkinson’s disease. The beneficial effects of tea are likely brought about … Continue reading

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The Antioxidant Effects of Green Tea

Green tea is a decoction made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. Green tea has been extensively researched for its phytochemical content and its health effects. Green tea is a source of catechin flavonoids, and it is these … Continue reading

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