The health problems associated with consumption of a Western diet are increasingly being recognised by researchers. In particular, the processing of grains to remove the fibre and micronutrients is creating a diet that causes glycaemic aberrations over a background of borderline vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Such a conditions create the perfect storm for the development of Western lifestyle diseases as evidenced by the nutritional literature. The food manufacturers are to blame for this problem, because they create adulterated foods that are overly processed for an elongated shelf life, and packed with sugar and salt to addict the consumer to their taste. The solution to this problem is to eat unprocessed food that contain high amounts of fibre and micronutrients. To these ends cooking with raw ingredients allows the individual to take control of the nutritional value of their foods. This section presents a series of tried and tested (and tasted) recipes to create healthy nutrient dense foods, which are low in sugar and other metabolic poisons.