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The Effects of High Food Prices

Food and fuel prices are currently on the rise because the deteriorating economic situation has lead to worldwide inflation through quantitative easing programmes and speculation on commodities. The increase in prices of food has been particularly problematic to the poorest … Continue reading

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Dietary Zinc and Male Reproduction

Zinc is an important trace mineral for humans that is known to play an important role as a co-factor in a large number of enzymes and is vital to the male reproductive system. Experiments show that zinc deficiency is able … Continue reading

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Wine and Inflammation

The protective effect of moderate alcohol consumption against cardiovascular disease has been well established in epidemiological studies. However, the mechanism of protection is less well understood because of the complex multifactoral nature of cardiovascular disease and the complex chemistry of … Continue reading

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Aspartame, Serotonin and Rats

The macronutrient composition of the diet is known to have a direct influence on the amino acid content of the blood. In turn the plasma amino acid levels are known to be able to alter brain chemistry by shifting the … Continue reading

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Dietary Fibre and Health

Carbohydrate foods are generally thought of as a source of energy to humans. However, dietary fibre is comprised of indigestible polysaccharide components of plants, and is therefore part of the carbohydrate group of foods. Broadly, dietary fibre can be classified … Continue reading

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Saponins in Garlic

Garlic is one of the most heavily studied of all plants and the literature shows that it possesses some very important health benefits. Researchers looking at the effects of garlic have focussed mainly on trying to understand the metabolism and … Continue reading

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Reactions to Aspartame

Scientists have extensively researched the metabolic effects of aspartame and the overwhelming conclusion from studies is that aspartame is safe to consume. However, adverse reactions following consumption continue to be reported amongst the general population. These adverse reactions are wide … Continue reading

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Methyl Mercury in Fish

Historically, fish is one of the most important sources of food known to man. Large proportions of the World’s population rely on fish as their daily source of animal protein, and fish is also used as animal feed in large … Continue reading

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Inulin, Oligofructose and Immunity

Inulin and oligofructose are non-digestible carbohydrates that are present in vegetables, cereals and fruits. They belong to a category of carbohydrates that are constructed of chains of fructose molecules called fuctans. Structurally inulins are linear fructans (10 to 60 fructose … Continue reading

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Acidity and Bone Health

The typical Western diet is considered to be acidic in its nature. This is because it results in the production of systemic acidity because it contains a high concentration of foods that are acid precursors. Foods are classified as acid … Continue reading

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