Nutrition Galleries

Although my passion is writing about nutrition, I understand that the most elegant and articulate prose can never fully capture the vivid colours of nature’s food. In particular fruits and vegetables have splendid colours that can only truly be appreciated visually. Often these colours are not just for decoration, but serve important biological functions in plants, where the colours are used to filter and harvest light radiation in order to optimise the growth conditions, or to attract insects for pollination. The flavonoids are responsible for many of the purples, blues and reds of fruits and petals, and the carotenoids the reds, yellows and oranges of vegetables. Looking through the galleries you may notice that many of the pictures are of whole foods and raw ingredients, rather than processed or manufactured foods. This is not by accident, but reinforces the message of this blog, that healthy eating involves choosing foods in their natural state as found in traditional diets. They say a picture tells a thousand words. I hope you enjoy the galleries.