Those of you who are awake to the inner working of the real world will understand that as with all subjects, the field of nutrition has been subverted for the benefit of big business and shadowy agendas. Accurate information based on good science is of no concern to those who profit from the monopolised control of the food and nutrition industry. As a result of this subversion, the health of the people who inhabit this world is deteriorating at an accelerating rate. Pollution of the environment and our food sources, often deliberately, is exacerbating the deleterious effects of poor quality nutrition in humans everywhere.

Subversion is not possible without the support of powerful propaganda that creates artificial paradigms and changes the reality of experience. Nutritional propaganda is relayed from the mainstream media ad nauseum, deliberately confusing the population with misinformation and half-truths about health and nutrition. The complicity of the media with the agenda of nationless mega-corporations and corrupt politicians, is supported by an army of mercenary men wearing expensive suits, who pedal toxic drugs to unsuspecting people in the name of profit.

This blog was created to provide an antidote to the spin, lies and deceit pedalled by big pharma, agro-corporations and their paid sycophantic useless idiot politician and media celebrity servants. The solution to unsubstantiated, emotional and biased nutritional disinformation is an evidence based and informed rebuttal delivered in a rational and calm way. It is hoped the articles and comments contained within this web site will go some way to providing additional resources for those currently fighting the info war.

No credit for the information contained within this site and the concepts that are expressed in the writing can be claimed by the author. Until a suitable explanation for the initiation of a particular thought or idea in the physical brain is available, it must be assumed that the information originated from some place else. Just as it is not possible to claim ownership of the sky, words and information belong to everyone and no one. Use them wisely and pass them on to others.

Eat Well, Stay Healthy, Protect Yourself