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Vitamin K and Testosterone

Hormonal interactions are difficult to quantify as there are so many variables at play. This makes it very difficult to determine the effects of nutrients on hormones, and giving advice on which nutrients may affect testosterone levels is therefore replete … Continue reading

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Canned Tuna

Tuna is a salt water fish that makes a significant contribution towards human nutrition. Fresh tuna is an oily fish and in this respect can supply significant amounts of omega-3 long chain marine oils in the diet. However, fresh tuna … Continue reading

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L-Theanine: Hormonal Effects

Evidence suggests that green tea can inhibit steroidogenesis and may decrease testosterone levels in rats. However, it is not clear if this effect is common to humans, or whether there are special considerations regarding the methods of the studies that … Continue reading

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Combining Food To Improve Health: Starch

Certain foods in isolation could be considered to be detrimental to the health. For example, foods high in starch derived from wheat such as bread, breakfast cereals and other baked products could be considered unhealthy because they tend to cause … Continue reading

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Bioavailability of Beta-Carotene in Carrots and Spinach

Carrots and spinach are rich sources of β-carotene. Beta-carotene is a plant pigment that is used in the photosynthetic process. As part of this role in plants, β-carotene is required to act as an electron acceptor during times of high … Continue reading

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Rose Hip Antioxidants in Marmalade and Jam

Marmalade is a preserve made from citrus fruit, and in this regard is similar to jam, which is in turn made from berries. Marmalade is a popular food in developed Western culture and has been a staple food for many … Continue reading

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“Healthy” Foods that Should Be Avoided: Pasta and Rice Cakes

A number of foods that are considered to be healthy by the mainstream are demonstrably damaging to the health. One such food that is often considered as a healthy food is pasta. Generally pasta is quite heavily processed and even … Continue reading

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Forskolin Against Obesity

Coleus forskolin is a plant that grows in Nelap, India and Thailand. The plant has a number of medicinal effects and these likely relate to the presence of a diterpene molecule within the plant tissues called forskolin. Forskolin has been … Continue reading

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