What Is The “Ash” Content of Food?

Certain foods, particularly animal feed, often refer to an ash content of the food. The ash content of the food refers to the inorganic portion of the food. Generally food is made up of organic and inorganic portions. The organic portions include protein, fat and carbohydrate. Because these are organic they can be burnt and release energy. This is ultimately happens to them if they are consumed. When the food is burned, the organic portion therefore disappears because it is combustible. However, the inorganic portion of the food remains. This comprises of the minerals within the food. The remains of the inorganic portion, following combustion of the organic portion is the ash. This can be weighed and a mass assigned. This mass is then added as the total ash content of the food packaging. High mineral content foods therefore have a high ash content. Consideration of the ash content can help scientists understand the nutritional content of the food and is often a consideration in food research. 

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