Rose Hips As A Source of Vitamin C

Rose hips are berries that are produced by the rose hip tree, also called the rose haw or dog rose tree. The berries are nutritionally interesting because they have a very high content of vitamin C. In fact 100 grams of rose hips contains about 430 mg of vitamin C. Vitamin C is an important micronutrient required for a number of functions in humans. In particular vitamin C acts as an antioxidant, and in this role can protect cells from oxidative damage and is required for the synthesis of a number of chemicals including collagen and serotonin. Rose hips are often made into supplements to provide a convenient way of consuming vitamin C. Consuming vitamin C from a source such as rose hips may hold one main advantage compared to consuming the product as a synthetic powder or tablet, namely the presence of accessory nutrients along with the vitamin C. For example, rose hips also contain flavonoids, and these may be required for the correct metabolism of vitamin C in the body. 

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