Red Meat: Too Much Of A Good Thing?

Red meat undoubtedly has some health benefits associated with consumption. In particular, red meat provides all the essential amino acids necessary for human growth and metabolism and is therefore considered a complete protein. In addition, red meat is an excellent source of iron, and as iron is the most common nutritional deficiency, red meat can be an excellent way to maintain health. However, although red meat has some excellent health effects, it is important to understand that consuming high amounts of red meat may have some adverse health effects. Firstly, red meat from conventionally farmed animals may contain pesticide or drug residues. However, by eating organic meat this risk can be minimised. Also consumption of high amounts of red meat may lead to an increase in transit time through the gut, and this may have negative effects on gut health. However, these effects may be minimised by eating meat with high quantities of vegetables, the fibre from which can reduce gut transit times considerably.  

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Robert Barrington is a writer, nutritionist, lecturer and philosopher.
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