Meat or Fish?

Meat and fish are excellent sources of protein. In this regard, both can be considered to contain all the essential amino acids required by humans. However, meat and fish differ in a number of ways and these differences can significantly alter health outcomes over the long term. Generally studies show a number of health benefits for fish eaters over meat eaters. This is often considered to be due to the high concentrations of essential fatty acids in cold water oily fish. However, this assertion is not correct as those who consume non-oily fish also share these health benefits. One suggestion is that fish may contain other nutrients that are beneficial to health, but no particular nutrient has been identified. Therefore it may simply be that while fish is a great source of protein and is relatively neutral in its health effects, meat is a great source of protein and may in some cases have negative health effects associated with its consumption. For example, meat is more likely to contain drug and pesticide residues due to modern farming methods. 

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Robert Barrington is a writer, nutritionist, lecturer and philosopher.
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