Salvia reuterana: Anxiolytic Herb

The Salvia are a large group of over 900 plant species that grow throughout the world in temperate regions. These plants are more commonly referred to as sage. Salvia reuterana is a sage plant that grows in mountainous regions of central Iran. Evidence suggests that Salvia reuterana may have medicinal effects and in this regard may be useful against the development of mood disorders. For example, in one study, the effects of an extract of Salvia reuterana were investigated using an animal model of anxiety. Mice were administered extracts of the plant and then exposed to experimental stress. The results of the study showed that the plant extract was significantly beneficial at reducing the anxious symptoms experienced by the animals. In addition, the researchers observed that the Salvia reuterana extract also had a sedative effect that was similar to that of the control drug diazepam. This study supports the traditional; use of Salvia reuterana as a medicine that is useful in the treatment of anxiety. 

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Rabbani, M., Sajjadi, S. E., Jafarian, A. and Vaseghi, G. 2005. Anxiolytic effects of Salvia reuterana Boiss. on the elevated plus-maze model of anxiety in mice. Journal of Ethnopharmacology. 101(1-3): 100-103

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