Not All Bread Is Created Equally

Bread is a complex food and the nutritional advice surrounding it is difficult to make. Clearly some people cannot eat bread due to various allergies, and for others bread is not a food that should be recommended due to the energy content. However, for those who can eat bread, there are a number of nutritional considerations. Firstly, not all bread is made from wheat grain, and other breads made from rye or barley are also available. Certain individuals may do better with these alternatives because of intolerances to high levels of wheat. Secondly, the fibre content of breads vary, and in general the better quality breads are those with higher levels of fibre, such as wholewheat bread. Thirdly, the acid content of the bread can significantly improve the health properties it confers, with sourdough bread scoring particularly highly in this regard. The overall aim of consuming bread is therefore to balance the properties that bread possesses so as to make the best possible health outcomes without causing the consumption of unneeded energy.  

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Robert Barrington is a writer, nutritionist, lecturer and philosopher.
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