Lunar Cycles and Nutrition

Circadian rhythms are the natural cycles that occur in humans, and these are known to significantly affect physiological systems, health, physical and mental prowess as well as emotions. These cycles have been studied extensively, and although many observations have been made, relatively little is known about them, how they interact, or what drives them. One suggestion is that the cycles are determined by the world around us, and in particular, the moon is thought to play an influence on the circadian rhythms, perhaps even controlling some of them. For example, in men, the phase of the moon is known to influence hormonal levels, with one study finding that the full moon was associated with lower levels of testosterone and melatonin in the morning, whereas the new moon was associated with higher levels of testosterone and melatonin in the morning. This suggests that nutritional requirements will also vary with the phases of the moon, adding a further level of complexity to an already complex topic. 

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