Can Oats Protect From Fl;uroide Toxicity

Fluoride is a toxic metal that can have significant detrimental effects on animals and human health. One of the important detrimental effects of fluoride is that of reducing fertility. In particular, fluoride may decrease sperm motility, sperm production and hormonal balance, thereby significantly reducing male fertility. Nutrition can play a significant role in reducing the propensity for the reproductive system to be negatively affected by fluoride, and in particular, oats (Avena sativa) may play a significant role in protecting the reproductive system. In rat experiments, oats given orally as food can significantly reduce the negative effects of fluoride on male reproductive function, and may prevent declines in both sperm count and testosterone. The oats also decreased damage to the reproductive organs that became apparent at high doses of fluoride. Obviously avoiding fluoride is a better strategy, but if this is not possible, oats in the diet may be able to attenuate some of the negative effects of fluoride. 

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