Berries, Jam and Health

A large body of research suggests that fruit berries have significant positive health effects. In particular, the antioxidants and fibre in berries may play a role in preventing disease. Some evidence also supports the health effects of berry sugars, particularly if they are bonded to other chemicals, such as antioxidants. One common way to consume berries is via jam preserves, and current evidence supports the contention that the health properties of berries are transferred through the jam despite the high sugar content. Further. Although jams are highly processed, studies show that they maintain high levels of their nutritive health factors including total phenolics, total antioxidant capacity, total flavonoids and total anthocyanins. Therefore the high sugar content of jams may be offset by the high levels of antioxidant nutrients that confer significant protection against diseases on the consumer when eaten in moderation. However, care should be taken not to consume jams with unhealthy foods such as highly processed grains. 

Eat Well, Stay Healthy, Protect Yourself


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