The Psychology of Weight Loss: Motivation

whey proteinMany people consider weight loss to be a difficult proposition. The high failure rates attest to the difficulty of successful long term weight loss, and as a result many are dissuaded from trying. Those who have been through countless cycles of dieting, only to regain the lost weight, must surely become demotivated in their efforts to return to normal body weight. Motivation is highly important in weight loss, but staying motivated is not easy. The main problem with fat loss is that most people do not understand what has caused them to become fat and therefore are unable to enact a strategy to reverse the cause of the weight gain. Most mainstream weight loss strategies are doomed to failure, and maintaining motivation on an impossible path is going to be highly difficult even for the genetically most motivated people. Learning the true cause of weight gain, and the correct way to remove the excess weight is therefore the first step. Once this first step is overcome, weight loss, or more correctly fat loss is much easier than most people could imagine.

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Staying motivated is highly important on any nutrition programme.

Weight gain is caused by eating the wrong types of foods. These comprise a poor quality diet, and it is this poor quality diet that directly causes the insulin resistance that lead to weight gain. The way to overcome this weight gain is to eliminate these foods and exchange them for higher quality foods that do not cause insulin resistance, but instead allow improvements in insulin sensitivity that facilitate effortless fat loss. Such a strategy has a number of advantages, the most important of which is that it is overwhelmingly supported by empirical evidence and has been demonstrated to be effective. This overcomes the first obstacle of ‘dieting’ which is how to maintain motivation on a strategy that is doomed to failure? If you are following a strategy that has been shown to be effective, then it is much easier to maintain motivation. As the weight consistently comes off, at the rate of a few pounds a week, sometimes more, the motivation for continuing along this path is cemented, and this begins to ensure success.

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Choosing the right path will facilitate success. Choosing the wrong path will facilitate failure.

Another advantage to improving the quality of the diet, is that hunger is not a problem. Losing fat without forcibly cutting energy intake is quite possible on this sort of regimen, and has been demonstrated as such in the scientific literature. Because there is no need to forcibly cut energy intake, ad libitum food intake is allowable and as a result hunger is not an issue. One of the main problems with energy restriction diets is that they lead to hunger, and when hunger is present, overeating can occur, usually of the wrong sorts of foods. It is impossible even for the most motivated person to overcome the drive of hunger. By eliminating the hunger issue by allowing as much food as is necessary to satisfy the appetite, one of the main reasons for failure is overcome and motivation to continue is assured. Maintaining motivation for weight loss is therefore far more easy that most people imagine, but success is dependent on following the right path on which to maintain motivation. The first step is therefore to choose the correct path.


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