L-Glutamine for Strength in the Elderly

L-glutamine is a non-essential amino acid that has a number of functions in humans. In particular L-glutamine is associated with improved glycaemic control, reduced oxidative stress and improvements in muscle mass. The latter perhaps is experienced because L-glutamine may have some muscle cell volumising effects. Studies have investigated the effects of L-glutamine in humans and found benefits in strength and power of muscles in elderly subjects suggesting that they may have benefitted from the supplement with improvements in health. The subjects received 10 grams of glutamine and underwent an exercise regime, whereas the control group only underwent exercise. As well as improvements in muscle function there were also significant improvements in the antioxidant status of the L-glutamine group and glycaemic control was also improved. Therefore L-glutamine may have significant benefits on the muscles of elderly subjects undergoing an exercise regimen and this may cause improvements in general health. 

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Amirato, G.R., Borges, J.O., Marques, D.L., Santos, J., Santos, C.A., Andrade, M.S., Furtado, G.E., Rossi, M., Luis, L.N., Zambonatto, R.F. and Silva, E.B.D. 2021. L-glutamine supplementation enhances strength and power of knee muscles and improves glycemia control and plasma redox balance in exercising elderly women. Nutrients. 13(3): 1025

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