When Does Protein Intake Become Too Much?

Consuming too little protein is relatively common in large parts of the world as protein foods, particularly of animal origin, are expensive. In the West it is claimed that people eat too much protein, but really this is a philosophical point rather than a nutritional one. Excess protein can be used as a source of energy because the nitrogen can be removed to create ketones and carbohydrates which can be oxidised. In those with certain medical conditions relating to the kidney, this can be a cause of medical problems if the protein content is too high. However, for healthy individuals this is not a problem and protein can form very high amounts of the diet. However, that is not to say such a diet would be healthy. One problem that can occur from consuming high protein diets containing protein powders is if the consumption of the protein also increases the intake of other compounds such as sweeteners and artificial chemicals. Such diets would not be recommended as such chemicals can lead to poor health outcomes. 

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