Vegetables Versus Fruit: Which is Healthier

It is well evidenced that fruit and vegetables have important health effects in humans. In particular, increasing the intake of fruit and vegetables is associated with protection from a number of lifestyle diseases. Fruit and vegetables are a very good source of essential nutrients, and also contain a high amount of phytochemical nutrients including antioxidants. However, there is one big difference between fruit and vegetables that is often not considered by the consumer. While vegetables tend to be low in sugar, fruit tends to be high in sugar, and this can have an influence on the overall effect of a high fruit versus high vegetable diet. For while it is relatively safe to eat large amounts of vegetables with little risk of overeating sugar, the same cannot be said for fruit. In fact, it is easy to over consume sugar on a high fruit diet and this is why fruit should be moderated, especially if there is reason to avoid sugar, such as the presence of insulin resistance, being overweight, or those with low physical activity levels. 

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Robert Barrington is a writer, nutritionist, lecturer and philosopher.
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