The Best Ways To Increase Testosterone Levels

There is a desire amongst men generally to increase testosterone levels. Not only does testosterone improve mood and feelings of well being, it also increases lean body tissue and reduces body fat. Increasing testosterone is not easy, and a number of dietary supplements claim to be able to have this effect. Many of these are based on herbs or herbal formulas. Some herbs can increase testosterone, but the increase tends to be small and transient. Longer term increases that might cause muscle growth have not been demonstrated convincingly using supplements. However, those that can raise levels of testosterone are often adaptogenic herbs, suggesting that rather than raising testosterone, they may be normalising low levels. Such low levels may occur due to stress. Lifting heavy weights is one way that is proven to increase testosterone. So is getting enough sleep and eating a high fat diet. One supplement that may be useful is vitamin D. However, this may be because vitamin D is a hormone with wide ranging regulatory functions. 

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