Multivitamin Multimineral Supplements During Weight Loss

Multivitamin and multivitamin supplements have been shown to provide support for a balanced diet and to provide a useful tool at optimising essential nutrients. Multivitamin and multimineral supplements are important because they can provide insurance for shortfalls in the diet, and this is especially important to those who are on energy restricted diets or diets that are limited in nutrient variety. This may suggest that supplements containing essential nutrients may have a particular use for those following weight loss diets. Evidence from studies also shows that in men, multivitamin and multimineral use is associated with lower body weights, less body fat, a reduced body mass indices and a trend for greater energy expenditure. In women, multivitamin and multivitamin use is associated with lower appetite scores and a reduced hunger. One explanation for this may be that multivitamin and multimineral supplements create an optimised metabolic system that facilitates more efficient use of stored energy. 

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