Magnesium and Testosterone

Magnesium is an important macromineral that is required in gram amounts. Magnesium is essential because it is an important cation in the body and is required as a cofactor by a number of enzymes. Some evidence supports a role for magnesium in testosterone metabolism and supplements of magnesium may improve hormonal profiles. In one study, researchers assessed the effects of magnesium supplementation on healthy sedentary and athletic individuals. The amount of magnesium administered was 10 mg per kg body weight, which equates to about 750 mg for a typical 75 kg male. The results of the study showed that four weeks of magnesium supplements cause significant increases in free and total testosterone levels and that this effect may be larger in athletes compared to sedentary individuals. Good sources of magnesium in the diet include nuts and seeds, whole grains and green leafy vegetables. The magnesium form taken in the study was magnesium sulphate. 

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