There is no Secret to Weight Loss

Weight loss is a fairly straightforward process. The first thing to understand in the process is that the goal is to lose body fat, while maintaining as much muscle and bone tissue as possible. Losing weight should really be called fat loss. Fat loss is fairly straightforward and there is no real secret. However, that does not mean it does not take discipline and will power to achieve the goal. Fat loss should be considered a reversal of the fat gain process. In this regard, fat gain is a result of a lack of proper exercise (which causes insulin resistance), overeating (which causes insulin resistance), eating poor quality foods (that cause insulin resistance) and stress (which causes insulin resistance). Reversing these stages by getting proper exercise, eating high quality foods, avoiding energy dense food and living a stress free life is the way to achieve long-term fat loss. Specific foods to avoid include sugar, processed meat, processed fat, and any high energy processed food, particularly soft drinks, chips and crisps. 

Eat Well, Stay Healthy, Protect Yourself


About Robert Barrington

Robert Barrington is a writer, nutritionist, lecturer and philosopher.
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