The Cost of Supplements

Certain supplements appear to provide significant health benefits. Some of these benefits are only available through supplementation and not through the diet. The herb milk thistle shows clear protective effects against liver damage for example, but it would be hard to incorporate the milk thistle plant into the diet as it is not readily available commercially and would necessitate individual harvesting their own produce. Taking certain supplements is therefore justified under certain circumstances. When choosing supplements there is a wide variety in the cost of most supplements, and people assume this reflects quality. However, there is little indication that cost is related to quality for most supplements, but rather the cost reflects the brand image of the supplement and the price is indicative of the target market. Therefore the discerning consumer can make great savings by shopping around to find less expensive versions of supplements without compromising on quality and this approach is recommended.  

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Robert Barrington is a writer, nutritionist, lecturer and philosopher.
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