Some Often Overlooked Qualities of Fruit

Fruit is a healthy group of foods and regular consumption of fruit provides significant health benefits. The benefits of fruit are despite the fact that it is a rich source of sugars including glucose, sucrose, mannitol, raffinose and fructose. Generally high intakes of sugar are bad because they can cause a tendency to overeat energy, which in turn leads to the development of insulin resistance. Fructose and sucrose (which contains fructose) are particularly damaging in this regard. However, fruit tends not to have these properties and this may be because of the high water content and high fibre content of most fruits. In addition, some of the sugars in fruit are bound to other chemicals such as polyphenols to form glycosides, and this limits the damage they can do. One aspect of fruit generally not often considered is that a person eating fruit tends not to also be eating junk and fast food. A conscious effort to eat more fruit therefore generally necessitates a conscious effort to avoid damaging foods in the diet, thus improving health. 

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Robert Barrington is a writer, nutritionist, lecturer and philosopher.
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