Polyphenols as Anti-Aging Agents

Polyphenols are a diverse group of phytochemicals characterised by multiple phenolic rings. Plants are rich in polyphenols and so diets high in fruits and vegetables, or herbs and spices, are high in polyphenols. Evidence suggests that polyphenols have significant health effects, perhaps on account of their anti-inflammatory or antioxidant effects. One health effect that has been speculated to occur through polyphenol consumption is a general anti-aging effect. A number of mechanisms have been proposed for this effect including antioxidant signaling, preventing cellular senescence, targeting microRNA, influencing nitric oxide bioavailability, and promoting mitochondrial function. Clearly polyphenols are not a panacea of youth, but the evidence is fairly strong that when polyphenols are consumed as part of a healthy diet, they may significantly contribute to an general improvement in health and a delay to the aging process. Consuming a range of different polyphenols may confer the best overall effects. 

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