Morinda officinalis for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Mornida officinalis is a herb used in traditional Chinese medicine. The plant is classified as part of the Mordina group of plants, which are flowering plants belonging to the Rubiaceae (bedstraw) family. The plant is cultivated specifically for its medicinal effects and it is used widely in nutritional supplements for the treatment of various conditions including stress. The herb is known to have effects on the central nervous system and may have mood elevating effects. In one study researchers administered Mornida officinalis to rats who were evaluated in the single prolonged stress model. This model was designed as a way of assessing post traumatic stress disorder. The results of the study showed that Mornida officinalis extract was significantly effective at reducing the anxious behaviour in the rats, and was able to cause favourable changes in the hippocampus and amygdala of the animals. These results suggest that Mornida officinalis it may be a useful treatment for post traumatic stress disorder. 

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Qiu, Z. K., Liu, C. H., Gao, Z. W., He, J. L., Liu, X., Wei, Q. L. and Chen, J. S. 2016. The inulin-type oligosaccharides extract from morinda officinalis, a traditional Chinese herb, ameliorated behavioral deficits in an animal model of post-traumatic stress disorder. Metabolic brain disease. 31(5): 1143-1149

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