Fluoride Versus Herbal Toothpaste

It has been claimed for many years that fluoride is beneficial to the teeth because it is able to strengthen the enamel and make them more resistant to decay. This statement is disingenuous because there is little evidence that applied topically fluoride can fulfill this role. Studies show that fluoride in toothpaste may be beneficial, but when the methodology of studies are taken into account, it appears that fluoride may be beneficial simply because it is a poison, and is able to act as an antibiotic in the mouth. The danger of course is that swallowing the fluoride can cause poisoning to the consumer. Many plant chemicals such as eugenol and thymol are also strong antibiotics and this is why they are put in toothpastes. However, whereas fluoride is poisonous if swallowed, eugenol and thymol are not. There appears to be no real benefit to using fluoride toothpaste, especially when it is considered that it is extremely poisonous and likely does not work via the mechanisms stated by mainstream healthcare sources. 

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Robert Barrington is a writer, nutritionist, lecturer and philosopher.
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