Cold Weather Foods For Joints

Evidence suggests that there is an association between cold damp weather and joint pain. Anecdotal evidence suggests that moving from an area that has cold winters to a more sunny climate is significantly beneficial on the joints. One aspect of this certainly relates to the heat and warmth in the joint which can free movement and thereby reduce paint. However, there may be nutritional aspects that also relate to the presence of the sun, and in particular the amount of vitamin D in the blood. Vitamin D can be synthesised in the skin in the presence of sunlight but can also be taken in the diet. A diet rich in vitamin D may therefore be beneficial to prevent joint pain. In addition, foods with an anti-inflammatory effect including a diet rich in fish oils, herbs, spices, fruit and vegetables may also significantly reduce joint pains and increase range of motion. Certain foods including pineapple, the spice turmeric and fresh and dried ginger, may have specific effects at protecting joints from inflammation and pain. 

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