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Can Stress Be Good For The Health?

Stress is often considered detrimental to the health and this can be true. Certainly chronic stress that becomes unmanageable is the cause of detrimental health outcomes. However, stress is a requirement of all life as it is the stress applied … Continue reading

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Heavy Metals

Heavy metals are trace elements that have a specific gravity at least 5 times higher than that of water and inorganic sources. Heavy metals commonly found in the diets of humans and animals include lead, arsenic, cadmium and mercury. For … Continue reading

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Fasting and Mood

Evidence suggests that fasting may have particular benefits on mood. The association between mood and fasting is not fully understood but a number of mechanisms have been suggested to explain why fasting may affect the brain. One explanation involves a … Continue reading

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Are there Nutritional Advantages to Being a Vegan?

Veganism has become popular in recent times and there is a lot of information and misinformation regarding the benefits of the diet. Clearly there are certain parts of the diet of a vegan that become deficient compared to an omnivore … Continue reading

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The Cost of Supplements

Certain supplements appear to provide significant health benefits. Some of these benefits are only available through supplementation and not through the diet. The herb milk thistle shows clear protective effects against liver damage for example, but it would be hard … Continue reading

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Cold Weather Foods For Joints

Evidence suggests that there is an association between cold damp weather and joint pain. Anecdotal evidence suggests that moving from an area that has cold winters to a more sunny climate is significantly beneficial on the joints. One aspect of … Continue reading

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Fruit and Vegetables: Not all Created Equal?

Fruits and vegetables confer a number of health benefits to those who consume them regularly. In particular, fruits and vegetables are associated with protection from cancer and cardiovascular disease, and regular consumption of a diet rich in fruit and vegetables … Continue reading

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Coconuts: Phytochemistry

Coconut seeds are what are colloquially referred to as coconuts (Cocos nucifera). The seeds of the coconut tree are highly nutritious and they have been used traditionally where they grow as a source of energy and as a medicinal food. … Continue reading

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Why Would Herbs Provide Useful Substances to Animals?

From a philosophical viewpoint, the synthesis of substances by plants and their transfer to animals is interesting. Clearly the substances produced by plants mostly provide some benefit to the plant. However, in some cases the plant will synthesise chemicals, such … Continue reading

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The Energy Content of Vegetables

Vegetables have been shown to possess a number of health effects. One of the main health effects that relates to regular consumption of vegetables is weight loss. The weight loss effects of vegetables are related to the high water content … Continue reading

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