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Nitrates from Vegetables: Do They Lower Blood Pressure?

Processed red meat has been investigated for its high nitrate and nitrite concentrations (nitrate is the oxidised form of nitrite and both are added to various sorts of processed meats as preservatives). Nitrates and nitrites can be converted to nitrosamines … Continue reading

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Which Is The Best Tea To Drink?

Traditional tea made from tea leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant is the most commonly drunk beverage in the world, after water. The popularity of tea stems from its traditional large scale cultivation, its distinctive taste and its energising and … Continue reading

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Three Useful Anti-Inflammatory Nutrients

Inflammation can be a major cause of disease. The inflammatory process is complex and it is highly important in the defence systems of the animals. The normal acute inflammatory response is there to provide a rapid response to infection or … Continue reading

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Flavones: Antidepressant Phytochemicals?

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Antioxidants and Cell Membranes

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Raw Versus Roasted Nuts

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Some Thoughts on Protein Quality

Protein has been shown to posses weight loss properties. A higher intake of protein may decrease body weight because it has beneficial glycaemic effects and may increase metabolic rate directly through increased oxidation of fuel and indirectly through increased growth … Continue reading

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How Bioavailable Is Quercetin in Foods?

Flavonoids are a large group of phenolic compounds produced in plants as secondary metabolites. Quercetin is a flavonoid found in number of edible plants and evidence suggests that quercetin is bioavailable in humans and animals. When absorbed quercetin may act … Continue reading

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Do Vaccinations Cause Neurodevelopmental Disorders?

Much of the credit for the eradication of many debilitating diseases in the West are attributed incorrectly to the use of vaccines. In fact, improvements in the cleanliness of drinking water, the availability of healthy food and the use of … Continue reading

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The Stress, Irritable Bowel, Sugar Link

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a condition characterised by abdominal pain and erratic bowel habits. Both stress and diet have been associated with the development of irritable bowel syndrome, and it is possible that these two factors interact in sensitive … Continue reading

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