What Foods Can Keep You Warm?

Food has a significant effect on body temperature. This is evident during a period of fasting when body temperature can drop substantially. This is because during periods of food deprivation, the body will reduce its oxidation of food to preserve energy. Therefore from this we can say that one of the best ways to keep warm is to eat more food. Further, the types of food can play a significant effect on the temperature of the body tissues. Carbohydrate and protein foods increase body temperature more than fat and so a higher protein and carbohydrate meal will increase body temperature more than a high fat meal. In addition, certain foods such as ginger, capsaicin from chili peppers, Coleus forskohlii and jalapenos can increase body temperature by activating the adrenergic branch of the central nervous system, Lastly, hot beverages such as tea and coffee are excellent way to increase body temperature because not only does the hot water pass its energy to the body, the caffeine within the drinks also speeds metabolism through activation of the adrenergic part of the nervous system. Therefore what you eat can have a significant effect on body temperature, and this can be used to good effect to stay warmer in the winter months. 

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