Tualang Honey as an Anxiety Treatment

Tualang honey is a pure honey from Malaysia. The honey is made from a wide range of plants by Asian rock bees (Apis dorsata). In the process of creating their honey, the bees build a large honeycomb on branches of the very tall Tualang trees (Koompassia excelsa) in the rain forest of Northern Peninsular Malaysia. Evidence suggests that Tualang honey has a very high antioxidant capacity, and has been compared to Gelam honey, Indian forest honey, and Pineapple honey and found to be superior. Honey is known to reduce oxidative stress in humans and animals, and this relates to the phytochemical antioxidants it contains. As mood disorders such as anxiety and depression are caused by oxidative stress, it might be expected that honey is beneficial at treating these disorders. In fact, evidence suggests that Tualang honey modulates anxiety-like behavior in animals. Studies show that the mechanism by which honey is protective may relate to the antioxidant activity it confers on the consumer.

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Tualang honey has a very high antioxidant capacity compared to other honey, and this has been shown to relate to the high levels of phenolic phytochemicals in the honey. This high level of phenolic compounds may explain the health benefits attributed to the honey, and may explain its beneficial effects on mood.

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