The Phytochemistry of Convolvulus pluricaulis

Convolvulus pluricaulis is an Ayurvedic herb that is used to treat mental disorders originating from exposure to stress, including anxiety and depression. It may also have some cognitive enhancing properties. The whole plant of Convolvulus pluricaulis may be used medicinally, including the leaves, roots, petals and stems. A number of phytochemicals within Convolvulus pluricaulis have been identified, and these may explain the central nervous system effects. A number of tropane alkaloids may be present in the plant’s tissues including convoline, convolidine, convolvine, confoline, convosine which are found in other species from this family. However, only convolamine has been identified. he flavonoid kaempferol, the plant sterol beta-sitosterol are also present. Kaempferol has been shown to possess anxiolytic and antidepressant effects in animals. The coumarin scoplectin is also present, and courmarins may have central nervous system effects. These chemical may work synergistically once consumed.  

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