The Best Ways To Improve Insulin Sensitivity

Insulin sensitivity is defined as the ability of the hormone insulin to activate its receptor to facilitate the uptake of glucose into cells. Insulin sensitivity declines for a number of reasons, including age, diet quality and exercise levels. No one can do much about ageing, but the other two variable, diet and exercise, are completely within control. Poor quality diet causes insulin resistance because of the carbohydrate content. The primary factor in the development if insulin resistance is sugar, and removing sugar from the diet can significantly improve insulin sensitivity. Refined starch is also able to cause insulin resistance and so limiting dietary starch intake to whole grains can also be beneficial. A chromium deficiency has been evidenced to cause insulin resistance and chromium supplements have been shown to improve the sensitivity of the insulin system. Exercise is helpful because following muscle contractor, the muscle cells become more sensitive to insulin due to their requirement for glucose.

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