Reducing Sugar Sweetened Drinks: Weight Loss

Consumption of sugar in beverages can significantly contribute to overall energy intake. In addition, sugar is a metabolic poison that can disrupt normal metabolic pathways and hormonal control through its influence of the sensitivity of the insulin receptor. Limiting drinks containing sugar, or reducing sugar added to drinks such as tea has been shown to be beneficial to weight loss as it causes a removal of a metabolic poison from the diet. One study showed that energy from beverages accounted for around 356 kcals per day in a group of individuals which is 19 % of total energy intake. Reducing energy intake from liquids by 100 kcals per day was associated with weight loss of 0.25 kg after 6 months. Reducing liquid intake of energy through limiting sugar intake from drinks was more effective than removing solid food from the diet, supporting the hypothesis that sugar is a metabolic poison and can cause weight gain beyond its simple energy content through damage to the metabolic systems of the body. 

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