Orange Blossom: Anti-Anxiety Treatment

Orange blossom refers to the flower of the orange plant Citrus aurantium. The blossom is used for a number of commercial purposes including as a perfume. Medicinally orange blossom is regarded as having effects on the central nervous system, and this is inline with the medicinal effects of the orange plant. In particular, orange blossom may be a sedative and anxiolytic. In one study laboratory mice were administered orange blossom extracts orally for 10 days and then exposed to experimental stress in the form of a maize. Those mice consuming the orange blossom spent more time exploring open parts of the maize, as well as more time in illuminated parts of the maize, suggesting they were less anxious. Compared to lorazepam, a benzodiazepine pharmaceutical, the orange blossom showed significantly better anxiolytic effects The serum cortisol levels of the orange blossom mice were significantly depressed compared to the lorazepam and control mice, suggesting they had experienced significantly less stress. 

citrus aurantium anxiety depression

Studies suggested that extracts of Citrus aurantium, including the blossom, could reduce manifestations of anxiety-related behavior through activation of the GABA system.

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