One Of The Main Benefit of High Fat and High Protein Diets?

High fat and high protein diets have been found to have positive health effects. High fat diets may be particularly useful for men, because they can allow the optimal production of testosterone, and other androgenic hormones. This can increase the well being of the individual and also facilitate muscle growth. High protein diets may also optimise conditions for skeletal muscle growth as well as reduce the appetite of the individual. However, perhaps the most important reason for the positive health effects of high protein and high fat diets is that any diet that is high in protein and fat must be by its very nature, also be low in carbohydrate. Increasing the protein or fat content of the diet significantly lowers the carbohydrate content, and if the carbohydrates include high amounts of refined sugars and starch, there is a significant health benefit to the consumer. As diets high in refined sugars and starch are able to facilitate weight gain, this may explain the weight loss effects of high protein and high fat diets. 

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