Milk For Weight Loss?

Cow’s milk is a nutritious food for animals other than young cows. There is a belief that cow’s milk is a poor quality food, but the science behind cow’s milk has been misunderstood. Certainly, certain individuals cannot consume cow’s milk due to lactose or other intolerances to it, and such individuals should avoid consuming milk and products containing milk. However, for those without an intolerance, cow’s milk does have some beneficial health effects. One effect that has been noted for cow’s milk is the ability to cause weight loss. Milk contains calcium conjugated linoleic acid and protein, and these factors have been identified as possessing possible weight loss effects. Studies investigating the effects of milk on weight loss have shown that milk providing 1000 mg per day of calcium, taken as a supplement to other food, causes significantly more weight loss in subjects compared to those who do not take the milk supplement. Therefore consuming milk as part of a healthy diet may have certain health advantages.

milk weight loss

One reason for the beneficial effects of milk on weight loss, may be the ability of milk to slow the digestion of other foods, particularly starch. This stabilises blood sugar and may improve insulin sensitivity.


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