Meat, Fish or Fowl?

For those of us that like to eat animal products, there is a continual choice between the different forms of meat. Clearly there are taste differences between the various types of meat, but perhaps more importantly, there are also nutritional differences. Red meat is a very good source of iron, because the blood that makes the meat red is rich in haemoglobin, a protein with contains iron. The leg meat of fowl is also red because it is rich in a similar protein called myoglobin, which also contains iron. Both red meat and fowl can therefore be excellent sources of iron, and the iron is well absorbed. Fish too can contain iron and this is present in the blood of the fish. Wild fowl tends to be high in essential fatty acids because free ranging fowl tend to accumulate fatty acids that reflect the diet they consume. Cold water fish also contains essential fatty acids which they accumulate from the algae they consume. Red meat, fish and fowl are all great sources of protein, and the protein in these foods is complete and bioavailable. 

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Robert Barrington is a writer, nutritionist, lecturer and philosopher.
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