Is Red Meat Really Bad For You?

It has been claimed that eating red meat may be associated with certain detrimental health outcomes. However, it is important to understand two fundamental principles before any claim against red meat can be made. Firstly, not all red meat is the same. Secondly, associations do not prove cause and effect. Taking the first principle, it can be said with certainty that not all red meat is the same. Processed red meat for example, may contain nitrosamines, which are not present in fresh meat. Also, meat from organic grass fed animals may be more nutritious that meat from grain fed non-organic animals. Eating high quality red meat in moderation may actually be beneficial because it provides a valuable source of iron. Care should also be taken when assessing studies that show associations. Eating red meat may be associated with negative health outcomes, but this does not prove that red meat causes those outcomes. Perhaps other lifestyle habits associated with red meat eating are the real cause of the health effects?  

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About Robert Barrington

Robert Barrington is a writer, nutritionist, lecturer and philosopher.
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