Is Drinking Water Protective of Depression and Anxiety?

Evidence suggests that a poor diet and an unhealthy lifestyle is associated with the development of mood disorders. Researchers have observed a number of dietary factors that can significantly improve mood and some of these are easy and cheap to implement. One such strategy may be the consumption of more drinking water. Drinking less than two glasses of water a day doubles the risk of depression and anxiety compared to drinking more than 5 glasses a day. This does not prove cause and effect as there could be other variables that are the causative agent. It is known that a 5 % dehydration rate is enough to significantly reduce mental and physical performance. If chronic dehydration is present even at low levels, there could be significant impairment of normal physical and mental function. Therefore drinking adequate water to remain hydrated is a significant step to maintaining optimal performance and optimal health. As well as water, fruits and vegetables can provide a significant amount of the daily requirement for water. 

Eat Well, Stay Healthy, Protect Yourself


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