Icariins and Bone Health

Bone health is highly complex and there are a number of factors that relate to the health of the bones. While hormonal factors likely play the main role in determining the health of the bones, nutrition is also highly important. A high quality diet contributing all of the essential nutrients will go a long way to ensuring correct bone health, especially if combined with weight bearing exercise. However, a number of specific nutrients that directly affect bone growth and regeneration have been identified. Iccariin is a flavonoid nutrient derived from the Chinese medicinal herb Epimedii. Icariins are flavonoid nutrients and as such share many of the chemical properties of other flavonoids including the ability to act as antioxidants and the ability to affect gene regulation. Icariins appear to promote bone growth through their ability to stimulate oestrogenic activity. Studies show that in women, icariins prevent post-menopausal bone loss without the negative side effects associated with oestrogen therapy. 

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