High Quality Diets to Treat Depression

Evidence suggests that a high quality diet is an important factor in preventing mental illness. In particular, a high quality diet has been shown to prevent the formation of depression and anxiety, and may be a useful treatment once these illnesses have developed. Many studies have focused on individual nutrients that can prevent mental health disorders, but few have looked at nutrition as a whole. Certainly there is an expectation that when a complete high quality diet is consumed, the effects will be greater when compared to the use of individual nutrients alone. Some of the identified aspects of a high quality diet that have been evidenced to provide protection against mental health disorders includes avoidance of processed foods, a high intake of anti-inflammatory foods, the nutrients magnesium and folate, and consumption of fish. Generally high quality nutrition is protective of mental health because it reduces the impact of stress on the body by accelerating recovery from the effects of stress hormones, as well as provides specific nutrients required for correct metabolic regulation. 

Eat Well, Stay Healthy, Protect Yourself


Ljungberg, T., Bondza, E. and Lethin, C. 2020. Evidence of the Importance of Dietary Habits Regarding Depressive Symptoms and Depression. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 17(5): 1616

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