“Healthy” Foods that Should Be Avoided: Pasta and Rice Cakes

A number of foods that are considered to be healthy by the mainstream are demonstrably damaging to the health. One such food that is often considered as a healthy food is pasta. Generally pasta is quite heavily processed and even whole grain pasta does not really retain the original composition of unprocessed wheat grain. This means that consuming pasta can cause rapid elevations in blood glucose due to the rapid absorption rates, and this can lead to oxidative stress and in the long term, insulin resistance. Eating pasta with protein can slow the absorption, but the fact remains that pasta has the potential to cause blood glucose problems. Further, pasta is often overconsumed, and this exacerbates the problem. Rice cakes are also highly processed and retain little of the original composition of the wheat grain, and in a similar way to pasta, rice cakes can cause rapid elevations in blood glucose levels, with the same detrimental effects. One of the main problems with these foods is they are often used on weight loss diets because they are “low in fat”, but in reality, they are detrimental to weight loss because they elevate insulin levels. Lastly, neither rice cakes nor pasta have any real meaningful content of micronutrients, and as such, they are empty calories. This means they provide little in the way of nutritional value. 

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