Gestalt Theory of Change

Gestalt theory is a theory that suggests that the whole is more than the sum of the parts. This is sometimes nutritionally referred to as synergy. This is an important principle that underlies all nutritional interventions. Change to a diet should be made up of small changes in a number of areas. Changing just one thing will only cause a very small and imperceptible change to the individual concerned. This is the reason that clinical trials involving nutrition often do not yield significant results, as the change is so small as to be immeasurable. However, when changes are numerous the changes not only become added together, but their whole (the total change) becomes greater than the sum of the parts. This is the main argument in nutritional therapy for eliciting change through an overall approach to the diet that requires many small changes in different areas of the overall eating strategy. Therefore a successful eating protocol to produce improvements in overall health should address multiple small changes to create synergism.  

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Robert Barrington is a writer, nutritionist, lecturer and philosopher.
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