Fried Foods: Serious Health Hazard

Fried foods are popular because the frying process causes the production of chemicals that improve the taste of certain foods, and the burning process is actually beneficial in this regard. Further, the addition of the oil increases the fat content and this also improves the perceived taste of the food. Fried foods tend to be high in calories and consuming them increases the risk of being overweight. This in itself is a health issue as being overweight increases the risk of most lifestyle diseases including cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer. However the frying process also creates a large number of toxic chemicals that can directly affect health.. These chemicals are the result of oxidation processes and so oils that oxidise more readily, such as polyunsaturated vegetable oil, can be worse in this respect. Another problem with frying is that the oil is often reused, as is common in restaurants. This can rapidly accelerate the toxicity of the oil, and consuming such oil regularly may pose a significant hazard to health.

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